What You'll Learn

Hey business owner! Congratulations on being a badass, just for starting your business. I'll bet you've got some worries - what should I be doing to get ready for tax time? What am I missing? How will I ever pay myself? Well, we've got what you need!

  • Definitions and requirements that are easy to understand (no boring, overcomplicated accountant-speak here 🤓)

  • My top strategies to create a bookkeeping routine that’s doable and - dare I say? - fun! 💃🎉

  • 5 mistakes to avoid so you’ll stay in the IRS’s good graces.

  • How to transform your money mindset in order to charge what you’re worth and quit that day job! 😜

  • How to get paid, pay operating expenses, save for taxes, AND have fun money using a simple bucket system. 💲💰💲

  • A basic process to follow, complete with a pretty, printable document with actual checkboxes. ☑

Course curriculum

    1. Full Masterclass

    2. Bonus/Sample Lesson: How Do I Know if I Have Imposter Syndrome and How do I Overcome it?

    3. Ending Survey

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Stop losing sleep over tax season!